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You are warmly invited to the first monthly Visual Storytelling meetup! This is a social event open to all, bringing together people who are interested in creativity, visual communication, personal development, or simply wish to be inspired by others' stories and experiences.

Visual Storytelling is a platform for everyone to present their story within 7 minutes, as a way to tell others about your projects and passion, or a particularly interesting idea. There are three options to share your story:


You can use a visual support like Powerpoint. Please only use images (no text) to adhere to the (slightly adjusted) Pecha Kucha format of 10-14 slides, each shown for 30 seconds on automatic timer.


You can bring an object as illustration to your story, for example a sculpture you made, a book you love or a cake you designed (to share ;).


You can give a performance, for example art-based or stand-up comedy style, music or singing.

Our stories session will be followed by a visual discussion about the essence of culture, in response to the much debated SAS video 

'What is truly Scandinavian?', to go deeper into the question of how cultures are adopted, adapted and appropriated.

Deadline for signing up for storytelling: Monday 24 Feb. Send an email to agnieszka@visualagency.org with your idea and type of story, and include a story title for the programme.

RSVP deadline by getting a ticket: Friday 28 Feb.

Date: Sunday 1 March 2020

Time: 18:30 - 21:00

Tickets: DKK 50 (space and materials)

MobilePay: 53 83 41 70

Name: Agnieszka Mlicka

Add comment: E2 [your email address]

(Terms & Conditions at the bottom)

Details: Event is in English.

Address: Founders House
Njalsgade 19D (1st floor)
2300 Copenhagen

Transport: best by bike
Metro: Islands Brygge Station, then 6 minutes walk
Car: paid parking behind SuperBrygsen (see map)


18:30 What is Visual Storytelling? followed by personal introductions.

19:00 Storytelling:

- 'Allegory in photography' by Birgitte

- 'Millenials, please hire me!' by Heidi

- 'Jumping into data visualisation' by Kirstin

- 'The power of art communication'

by Laura

- story by Fiona

- 'Dare to Dance Copenhagen' by Agnieszka

20:00 Visual Discussion, followed by the chance to talk to others about their ideas and vision.

Let's share stories to inspire each other!

Terms & Conditions

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