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Collaborative visual thinking is a great way to meet people, to draw out ideas together and to think more creatively. It is a method in which participants contribute to the discussion not just verbally, but also by visualising the process of thinking. It can be used in all kinds of meetings, such as business negotiations, educational workshops, team or community building, professional networking, and project meetings for companies or researchers. Everyone can benefit from this innovative approach, because it improves:

Creative Thinking

Drawing ideas and using your hand-brain coordination triggers a different kind of thinking. You are challenged to think out of the box when faced with a co-design toolkit!

Collaboration & Innovation

Collaboration becomes easier when you can trace the thinking process, and literally see other's point of view. Innovative ideas emerge from the picture, where all the individual ideas come together.

Engagement & Sharing

Visualising ideas together creates a better platform for people to engage with each other, which is more accessible for participants who think differently  (e.g. introverts or natural visual thinkers). Sharing stories creates empathy and connection!

Curiosity & Understanding

Visualising the thinking process makes complex issues easier to understand, because the image reveals connections and relationships. By sharing knowledge, and by asking critical questions, you gain insights and awareness.

Visual Agency is a Copenhagen-based practice that facilitates meetings, workshops and courses using collaborative visual thinking, a method developed by Agnes Mlicka, founder and facilitator at Visual Agency. With her background in Fine Art from the University of Oxford, and research at the University of the Arts London, she is now using this method to design unique experiences, engaging participants in a journey of visual exploration to stimulate curiosity, creativity and collaboration.

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Visual Agency facilitates the following types of meetings:


Visual Negotiation meetings help to develop new strategies and to gain clarity in complex situations. Aside of team-building, the aim is to engage everyone in the decision making process.


Visual Games are about community-building by engaging in a playful and creative process. Each meetup is designed around an interesting topic to share stories and get to know one another.


Visual Thinking meetings provide methods to discuss concepts, theories and critical questions in order to develop research projects further.


Visual Learning workshops engage children and youth in a transformative learning process through an interactive engagement with difficult topics such as climate change.


Visual Networking meetings create a context in which individuals can connect in an informal, fun and effective way to expand their professional network and make new friendships.


Visual Planning workshops  engage architects, urban planners and communities in a spatial design thinking process to consider other points of view, and to look beyond the given brief. 

Image: Developing Your Creativity course

This is what previous participants say:

“If you are wondering if you should try it, the simple answer is - yes you should. Agnieszka is an amazing facilitator and her workshops bring great possibilities for brainstorming, expanding your perception and meeting new open minded people. I can warmly recommend it!”

- Justyna Szewczyk,

Motion Designer at


“I really enjoyed the workshop that Agnieszka organized. It was well structured and enabled all the participants to think in a novel and creative way. It pushed us all beyond what we were used to and resulted in some powerful brainstorming and

idea-refining sessions.”

- Dr John Danaher

Researcher at the

National University of Ireland, Galway

Visual Agency has designed and facilitated workshops for:

University of Copenhagen; Crossing Borders; Kulturhuset Islands Brygge; Endrupskolen; UAL:DK Alumni; University of Florence, and many others such as: Internations Copenhagen Professional Networking Group; CPH Creative Studio; Fionia Hus community; architects in London, Florence and Hong Kong.

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If you are interested in visual facilitation for your meeting, or would like to hear more about a particular workshop, please send a message to Agnieszka Mlicka using the contact form or email to