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Thursday 14 November

19:00 - 21:00

Fixing the world? There's an app for that!

Visual Game #W45

Everyone who is engaged with global issues and wants to co-design solutions to the world's problems using both low and high tech tools.

Monday week 47-51

Class 1: 18 November 19:00-21:00

Class 2: 25 November 19:00-21:00

Class 3: 2 December 19:00-21:00

Class 4: 9 December 19:00-21:00

Class 5: 16 December 19:00-21:00

Developing Your Creativity

5-week course #C5

Open to everyone who'd like to understand Creativity and find new tools to improve their creative thinking skills.

Tuesday 19 November (Week 47)

Tuesday 3 December (Week 49)


My Ikigai (2 workshops)

Visual Game #W46

Everyone who is interested in personal development, by reflecting on the overlaps between their passion, profession, mission and vocation.

Friday 29 November

18:00 - 21:00

Creative Speed Dating

Visual Networking #W47

For all those singles out there who hate standard dating - check out this creative approach to finding someone special!




Sunday 15 December

15:00 - 18:00

Fighting Food Waste

Visual Thinking #W48

People involved in the sharing economy, who are passionate about reducing food waste and want to exchange ideas with others while finding new solutions to challenging problems.

Fighting Food Waste

We all know it: about one third of food produced each year is wasted. It shouldn't be this way. What can we do to reduce food waste? And what structures do already exist to save food from the garbage?

Copenhagen has many activists and organisations who fight food waste: from buying expiring food (which is still good for a few days) to donating leftover food, from converting supermarkets to creating a sharing economy for unsold food. Great work! But also hard work with many challenges.

FIGHTING FOOD WASTE brings together these activists, campaigners and individuals interested in reducing food waste to discuss their strategies and to develop a better approach, for example by smoothing out logistics. Let's collaborate to make our mission easier!

This event will be facilitated using various visual methods to get as much out of this meeting as possible. You can expect exciting introductions by everyone involved, a serious brainstorming session on how things are currently done, sharing of stories and dreaming of better futures, and finally a goal-oriented final exercise to make the system better.

FIGHTING FOOD WASTE is hosted by One Bowl, a non-profit community restaurant, where it is part of a larger event FIGHTING FOOD WASTE TOGETHER to raise awareness of this important topic. After the workshop, One Bowl and Foodsharing Copenhagen are offering a wonderful pay-as-you-feel dinner using surplus food: TASTE THE WASTE. You are warmly invited to be part of the community by sharing food and stories from 6 pm until 9 pm!

Date: Sunday 15 December 2019

Time: 15:00 - 18:00

Address: One Bowl

205 Borups Alle

2400 Copenhagen


Details: Event is 3 hours and in English. 

Tickets: 150 kr. + Billetto booking fee. Ticket includes tea and coffee.

You can also pay by MobilePay if you don't want to pay the booking and card fee: 53 83 41 70 (Name: Agnieszka Mlicka).

Please remember to write in the comments section the event number (#W48) and your email address. You will receive a confirmation email one day before the event.

Paying by MobilePay is both cheaper and in case of event cancellation the full refund is quicker and easier, because Billetto takes 5 working days and keeps the additional fees.

Tickets are not refundable. In case of cancellation of the event by the organiser, you will get a full refund.


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