Visual Agency joins Founders House

From 1 October 2019

We are excited to announce our new base at Founders House! This great coworking space offers a dynamic atmosphere full of tech startups (which we plan to shake up with some magic markers, sssssh!!!).

This promises to be an eventful new phase in the development of Visual Agency and we hope to welcome you soon at one of our workshops in the cozy meeting rooms at Founders House.


Past Events

AI & Disruption Workshop at KU

10-11 September 2019 | Visual Thinking

Visual Agency facilitated a 2-day workshop for the AI-LeD Research Group. Their ongoing work on A.I. and Disruption explores yet unidentified problem areas. The workshop provided a new approach to brainstorm on a new model for the factors behind and consequences of A.I disruption. A huge amount of new ideas were visualised, diagrammed and narrated through sci-fi stories in this challenging workshop.

Life is Not a Game. So Let's Play!

18 September 2018  | Visual Game

Have we lost the art of conversation? How can we stimulate more meaningful dialogue? And how do we find good conversation partners? These are the questions that triggered our discussion on the topic of 'Chatting before it was an online act', a Visual Game designed to gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of 'conversation' in the current times.

We discussed chatting online versus face-to-face, and agreed that you should never use the full stop in online conversations unless you're serious. Or angry. Or frustrated. And smileys are like body language. We think we understand them. But we can have different interpretations. Above all, we appreciate presence in conversations. Being there and listening, being authentic and respectful. It's all about connecting with others, but secretly we also enjoy exploring some contentious ground in conversations. These are just a few highlights from two hours of interaction and drawing.

Potluck and PechaKucha Party to celebrate 1 year

25 August 2017 | Visual Party

Visual Agency is 1 year old! We celebrated this with a Potluck & PechaKucha Party for all members of Visual Agency! Our community of like-minded people is growing, bringing together people interested in visualisation, creativity and dialogue. We shared a potluck dinner and enjoyed PechaKucha presentations on the topic of creative thinking & sustainable change. Fiona talked about sustainable events organisation; Heidi introduced us to the Feldenkrais method; Hin-Yan spoke about the pollution of the oceans; Tordur shared with us his idea of cycling tours in the city; Anja explained what is about; and I gave some insights into my community-building to encourage more sharing and upcycling between neighbours. Tonia, Justyna, Osama, Carmen and Melinda brought delicious dishes to share. A big thank you to everyone for their contributions, making this a truly great evening!

Developing Your Creativity

Aug-Sept 2017 | Course

We have started the third round of the course on creativity, this time with a group of 7 participants. During the five classes, we cover the following topics: aesthetics, space, identity, technology and politics.

Collaboration with KU's Innovation Hub

10 August 2017 | News

I am very excited to announce that Visual Agency has started collaborating with the new Innovation Hub at the University of Copenhagen! The Innovation Hub, or KU PLUS, is "a platform for the development of new ideas and collaborations at Copenhagen University". As this is a perfect match with Visual Agency's goals, I believe that this will be a very fruitful and mutually worthwhile collaboration. To start with, I am organising the creativity course at the Hub, and more workshops will follow soon.

Read more about the Innovation Hub: 'New innovation hub plans to unleash the potential of South Campus' at Uniavisen.

Debate whether 'Upcycling kills the economy'

20.08.2017 | Visual Thinking

Do you agree that upcycling kills the economy? When was the last time you chose to use an unwanted item rather than buying a new one? This event much more than a standard debate: I brought my Visual Agency toolbox to facilitate the debate through visual communication in order to collaboratively visualise our different perspectives. The debate took the form of the World Cafe - "a powerful social technology for engaging people in conversations that matter, offering an effective antidote to the fast-paced fragmentation and lack of connection in today’s world" - and it was organised in collaboration with the Copenhagen Debaters Meetup.

Community-building at Fionia Hus

19 August 2017 | Visual Networking

Fionia Hus consists of three buildings, with inhabitants from all generations. The relatively new buildings and sterile staircases do not encourage much interaction between neighbours. As this place has lots of potential, I decided to undertake action and to bring my community-building skills to Fionia Hus 2, the building where I live and which has 56 apartments. I organised a Neighbours Summer Party where, aside of the potluck BBQ, we did a Visual Networking game to encourage funny, interesting and useful conversations.

Visual Networking for Professionals

27 April 2017 | Visual Networking

Do you love meeting new people, but not too keen on the standard networking formula? Wondering how to best connect people, I designed this alternative approach to networking based on creative team-building activities in order to do the exact opposite of standard networking events:

  • instead of immediately forgetting who's who, we use two techniques (visual and storytelling) to remember all names and you get everyone's details afterwards to keep in touch so that next time you see them in town, you can say "Hi [Name]" without hesitation;
  • instead of the boring "What do you do?" conversations, we make it into a game and work in teams drawing selfies to make others guess;
  • instead of getting stuck in monologues, we make question cards to stimulate interesting conversations and find out about those curious personal stories;
  • and finally, instead of showing-off accomplishments, we tell others about our dreams and why we want to expand out network.

We had a group of 19 participants, spanning the whole diversity of professions: researchers, astrologers, designers, IT, project managers, engineers, educators, life coaches and tourist guides. 

Developing Your Creativity

March 2017 | Course

This new course on Creativity started in March 2017. It is a 5-week course with classes that consist of seminars, workshops, notebook development and networking. It covers the following topics: Aesthetics, Time&Space, Identity, Politics and Technology. 

Expanding Your Creativity

April-May 2017 | Course

I am very excited that the successful 5-week course on creativity continues with new topics: Utopia/Distopia, The Everyday, Failure and Community. We have both new participants and previous attendees who wished to continue their creative process.

Remembering Information Visually

21.02.2017 | Article

Did you know that people use different senses for memories? Visual agency is mentioned in this insightful article by Tonia Michalopoulou.

Setting Creative Goals for 2017

31.01.2017 | Visual Thinking

In collaboration with Copenhagen Creative Studio, I facilitated a workshop for its 30 members to plan creative goals for the new year. The event asked participants to develop a collaborative project through which each person would acquire new skills, while contributing existing skills to base the project on personal interests.

Redefining Creativity

05.01.2017 | Visual Thinking

What does 'creativity' actually mean, and how do we become more creative? Or has it become so banal in our overdesigned society that the term 'creativity' should be redefined? Together with seven participants, we discussed its various connotations, sharing quotes ("Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work" - Chuck Close) and challenging questions (Does money provide opportunities for creativity, or does it stifle it?) A workshop that offered a deeper reflection on what it means to be creative today.

Imagining New Traditions for 2017

4 January 2017 | Visual Game

Which new traditions would you invent for 2017? What kind of rituals would you prefer to celebrate the big events? And how could alternative celebrations change the way our society evolves? These are the kind of questions we addressed in this participatory, creative, social game. The discussion brought up many ideas for alternative festivities - imagine a gratitude day, a day for smiling (especially on public transport), a community day and a sharing week (making the Dutch Neighbours Day international) and a monthly screens-off day (exactly what society needs). We also thought of an upgrade to Valentine's day with free hugs for all, and decided that Women's day should be properly celebrated (we suggest role changing!). Stories of traditions from disparate cultures (Christian, Muslim, Jewish) were shared, and we realised how many crossovers there are. We left feeling quite a bit more excited about the year ahead!

Imagining New Traditions for 2017

24 December 2017 | Visual Game

How can a family Christmas dinner become more meaningful? In search for a relevant conversation topic, I designed this creative game to rethink the Christmas tradition for the 21st Century - shifting from consumerism and over-eating to more meaningful rituals. What ensued was a 5-hour long engagement in collaborative drawing while we reimagined all the annual festivities.

UAL:DK Alumni Group

14 December 2016 | Visual Networking

Visual Agency facilitated the social networking meeting for the newly formed University of the Arts London Alumni Group in Denmark. The goal was to connect practitioners from various creative fields, so that collaborative opportunities and mutual support could arise.

Visual Agency in the media!

18 November 2016 | Article

Carole Christensen writes in Havnefronten:

"An invitation to a creative workshop led to insight into how academic research can stimulate imaginative thinking and creative practices, and also an opportunity to make new acquaintances."

2016-10-28 visual agency workshop 32
2016-09-30 visual agency workshop 29
2016-11-04 visual agency workshop 33
2016-09-28 visual agency workshop 28

Local People + Global Stories

28, 30 September, 28 October, 11 November 2016| Visual Game

Integration is not an easy process and raises many challenging questions. Can hygge be experienced by non-Danes? Should the city become more multicultural? And should all new arrivals be allowed to vote? These are just some of the issues we will discuss.

Colourful markers, challenging questions and a small group of people around the table - this is the setting for the workshops titled Local People + Global Stories. This visual game aims to create a dialogue about cultural integration by inviting people with different backgrounds and nationalities to share stories using a playful and creative approach.

Internations Professional Group

26 October 2016 | Visual Networking

An intense 2-hour networking event with 6 professionals around the table, working in the fields of photography, logistics, law, dentistry, impact investments and technology.

Endrupskolen in Fredensborg

12-13 Oct 2016 | Visual Learning

Visual Agency facilitated a creative learning process for grade 6 pupils at Endrupskolen to understand better the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The workshop was organised in collaboration with NGO Crossing Borders, and as part of the Global Week at Endrupskolen.

Training Climate Youth Ambassadors

26 June 2016 | Visual Learning

This workshop was part of the Climate Youth Ambassadors training organised by the NGO Crossing Borders. It offered students from Jordan, Italy, Lebanon and Denmark to find shared interests in campaigning against climate change.

Re-imagining public space

26.06.2014 | Visual Planning

This workshop with five participants took place as part of the ‘Past, Present and Future of Public Space’ Conference in Bologna, in collaboration with the Social Street movement. The question raised for the discussion was: How to realise a truly public space?

A brainstorm about Florence

28.05.2014 | Visual Planning

Together with five architecture students from different design groups, we discussed the future potential of the Orsola building, which is in the centre of Florence. The discussion consisted of a brainstorm, the sharing of stories and knowledge about the area, and the negotiation of various ideas for the development of the building.

Envisaging London's Olymic legacy

20.05.2014 | Visual Planning

With three architecture students, we explored the options that London faces post-Olympics. Indirectly, we looked at the group's dynamics for undertaking a collaborative design project and the challenges involved. How to contribute equally to a collaborative design projects, while harnessing various strengths and skills?

Planning a museum for New York

15.05.2014 | Visual Planning

Together with three participants, we discussed the potential of a new contemporary art museum for Long Island in New York, using roleplaying alongside painting as a way of reflecting on the conflicting views of locals and planners.

London and its Olympic legacy

17.04.2014 | Visual Planning

How can the Olympic legacy become of use to London's citizens? With this design team, the visualisation served as a way of sense-making of the various opportunities and limitations to opening up the Greenway and Fish Island area for locals.

Deciding against institutional expectations in architecture school

17.04.2014 | Visual Planning

This session about the students' project for East London sparked a much needed debate on the cultural and institutional differences that influence the architectural discipline. How can students make design decisions which might go against the expectations of their professor?

The challenge of connecting London's Olypmic Park with the city

16.04.2014 | Visual Planning 

How to create a community where once was an Olympic Park? The dangers of masterplanning were explored in this session, while ideas were shared to bring new life to an area after it's primary function has finished.

Redeveloping London's Hackney Wick

16.04.2014 | Visual Planning

Three students, working on Hackney Wick in London, were challenged to think from a local's perspective. This required putting aside finished architectural drawings of new buildings, and imagining the needs of the existing community. This required a deeper reflection on the question of what a foreign architect can bring to an (as yet) unfamiliar place.

Imagining New York

15.04.2014 | Visual Planning

In imagining new spaces for NYC, there is a danger of blindly following the schools of thought offered by the architectural discipline. In this session, we critically reflected on the best approach to designing for a society and community that one only knows through media, travels and personal narratives.

Brainstorming on Florence

15.04.2014 | Visual Planning

Bringing two design groups together, this session enabled students to share their observations of how an underused green area outside Florence can gain new functionality for locals.

Discovering landmarks in marshy land

15.04.2014 | Visual Planning

A session en plein-air, where students shared their creative views for a marshy land just outside the city, while testing these in regards to the already existing natural features of the land.


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