Visual Facilitator

Photo: Agnieszka presenting at a CPH Creative Studio event. Credit: Penelope Diamant

At the beginning, people are not sure
what will happen, but at the end there
is this great energy that emerges from
the shared experience of drawing.

Agnieszka Mlicka

I organise events that bring people together, because I believe that in a world full of conflict and technology there is an increasing need for dialogue. Through my practice, I advocate face-to-face interaction, away from the app culture that we are creating.

The method I use to facilitate these workshops is collaborative drawing, because it offers another level of communication, breaking the ice from the start and enabling everyone to contribute. My aim is to create a sense of community through this shared experience, and to create a space for critical thinking to achieve a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives. Both goals lead to greater empathy and creativity as a result of sharing stories and insights.

My visualisation method is based on six years of PhD research into participatory art, spatial agency, and collaborative painting, conducted at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. This idea of gaining visual agency has emerged from working with architects and spatial stakeholders by creating a context where spatial negotiation can take place through participatory painting.

I have a background in Fine Art, with many years of experience in exhibiting, curating and making art (my work van be viewed at I was awarded a BFA Fine Art degree from The Ruskin School of Art (University of Oxford) and an MA Painting degree from the University of the Arts London, UK.

Visual Agency is based in Copenhagen, but it builds upon my multicultural background, having previously lived in the UK, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland. I welcome people from all walks of life to my workshops to celebrate diversity and difference!

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