Visual Agency is a Copenhagen-based social art practice run by Agnieszka Mlicka. With a background in Fine Art (BFA University of Oxford and MA University of the Arts London) and 6-year PhD research, Agnieszka has found a passion for bringing people together and stimulating collaborative, critical and creative thinking. The concept of gaining 'visual agency' emerged from this research, in which she explored how people can feel empowered by employing visual communication in meetings - not just post-it notes, but collaborative visualisation of ideas.

Agnieszka has designed and facilitated over 40 workshops, amongst others for the University of Copenhagen, the NGO Crossing Borders, Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Endrup Skole in Frederiksberg, the Copenhagen Professional Networking Group at Internations and a diversity of informal groups (for example UAL:DK Alumni, CPH Creative Studio, Fionia Hus Neighbours Community). She has also facilitated spatial thinking workshops with architects and students of architecture in London, Florence and Hong Kong.

When I am designing and facilitating my workshops, I'm in a state of flow - a wonderful feeling of excitement, challenge and inspiration. Aside of my art practice, I love to read distopian literature, to dance outside in the sun, and to scan the local fleamarkets as I'm a strong supporter of the reuse, repair and upcycle culture.

Exhibitions & Artist Talks

My art works have been shown at 11 solo exhibitions and over 25 group shows, and I have presented at a diversity of artist talks. Paintings have been purchased by the University of the Arts London, H2O Venture Partners in Oxford, Clink Street Properties in London and the University of Copenhagen (donation), as well as private houses in the UK, Poland, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Conferences & Teaching

I have presented my research at over 10 international conferences. I have also taught in art and architecture departments as guest lecturer at the University of Florence, the New York University in Florence, the Syracuse University in Florence, and the University of Westminster.

Articles & Book Chapters

If you are curious about the theoretical background to my work, have a look at my publications:

Mlicka, A., 2019 (forthcoming). ‘Visual agency: Participatory painting as a method for spatial negotiation’, in ‘Visual Research Methods in Architecture’, ed. Igea Troiani and Suzanne Ewing.

Mlicka, A., 2017. Facilitating Spatial Negotiation: A Pragmatic Approach to Understanding Public Space. The Journal of Public Space, 2 (2), pp. 27-36.


Mlicka, A., 2016. Imagining a 'Relational' Painting. Journal of Contemporary Painting, 2 (2), pp. 322-326.*


Mlicka, A., 2014. Painting Architecture: Towards a Practice-Led Research Methodology. Studies in Material Thinking, 10, pp. 1-19.


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