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"making meetings memorable"

Visual Agency facilitates meetings, workshops and courses using the low-tech method of collaborative visualisation. That's because the process of talking and drawing together encourages creative thinking. It also makes meetings fun. And memorable. You will take away a picture of the meetup that will remind you of all the ideas, you will feel inspired and energised, and you'll have experienced the satisfaction of great team-building.

Each event is designed as a unique experience, engaging the participants in a journey of exploration using a game-like approach. Working in small groups, you will challenge each other using question cards, you will share ideas by drawing together to see the bigger picture, and you will imagine alternatives through story-telling. In short, we stimulate curiosity, creativity and collaboration.

Did we mention you'll also gain 'visual agency'?


visual agency [vizh-oo-uh l ey-juh n-see]

adjective + noun


1. to achieve visual agency is to feel empowered to think and act through creative visual expression of one's ideas in dialogue with others.


2. a Copenhagen-based social art practice run by Agnieszka Mlicka who facilitates group meetings by using visual communication as method to achieve better collaboration with as goal transformative change (see 1).

Latest News

Creative Speed Dating
Creative Speed Dating space

Creative Speed Dating - a unique event for creative Soulmates

Friday 29 November 2019

You might not be able to meet that Special Someone in a bar, because they're reading a book on the sofa or strolling through an art gallery. Your creative Soulmate might not be working in an office, but making things in a studio or doing exciting projects at different locations each day... How to connect with these interesting people?

Creative Speed Dating brings together people who are into culture and meaningful conversation, who enjoy reading and art, who think creatively as part of everyday life.

This event is for you, if you wish to try a different way of dating: more imaginative, a bit playful and with a twist of colourful creativity.

Visual Agency facilitates the following types of meetings:


Visual Negotiation meetings help to develop new strategies and to gain clarity in complex situations. Aside of team-building, the aim is to engage everyone in the decision making process.


Visual Games are about community-building by engaging in a playful and creative process. Each meetup is designed around an interesting topic to share stories and get to know one another.


Visual Thinking meetings provide methods to discuss concepts, theories and critical questions in order to develop research projects further.


Visual Learning workshops engage children and youth in a transformative learning process through an interactive engagement with difficult topics such as climate change.


Visual Networking meetings create a context in which individuals can connect in an informal, fun and effective way to expand their professional network and make new friendships.


Visual Planning workshops  engage architects, urban planners and communities in a spatial design thinking process to consider other points of view, and to look beyond the given brief. 

More Information

If you are interested in visual facilitation for your meeting, or would like to hear more about a particular workshop, please send me a message.

Does your meetup not fit into any category? Send me a message with your needs and I will custom design a memorable meeting for you!


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